Digby Jones,
March 15, 1927 - Nov. 2, 2012
Lions' Motto - We Serve

Digby became a Gabriola Lion in February 1996 and was active till his final days. No one exemplified "We Serve" better than Digby. Whenever a volunteer was needed for a project or task, Digby was among the first to raise his hand. Forever dependable, he simply completed everything with no fuss but always with a positive attitude. His favourite response when asked to do a task, "no problem, my friend". It was our favourite response from him too!

He served on several committees, and as Tail Twister, ensured we endeavored to be on our best behaviour at meetings - to little avail, his sharp eye and ear was enough to spot transgressions and guarantee the fine bottle would be well supplied with quarters.

Once I needed some advice about dealing with a tricky situation and asked Lion Eric Boulton what to do, his reply - "ask Digby." He could be counted on for wisdom, delivered in a gentle way, never a word of criticism, but always looking for the best in everyone. It was clear he sustained strength in his long marriage with Rose.

Only when it was apparent illness began to take over his life did he feel the need to retreat, but in spite of this he was still ready to help when he could.

Digby lived by his principles. We will miss him greatly, but his insightful humour and cheerful spirit will endure.

Lion Don Butt